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" I've been feeling pain in my whole body for about 5 years. I discovered that it was fibromyalgia. In a few days of treatment with Eryn, 3 to be specific, I feel much better. For the first time in years I wake up with no pain. Thank you Eryn! You are a GREAT healer!"

Recently I had the opportunity of being helped by Eryn. When I needed assistance with having my home cleansed. For the longest my home felt heavy and sad. I felt trapped in my own home.
My home felt heavy with anxiety. I was referred to Eryn by a good friend. Eryn was more than happy to help me with my issues. Immediately after I felt a difference in the air. My home hasn't felt so happy and peaceful for a long time up until now.

Three weeks later I received a private healing from Eryn on myself. I was having issues with anxiety while driving. Since the healing I feel more comfortable in my surroundings and more at peace while driving. I'm confident that I will be back to the happy driver I once was.
Since the healing I have a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

I highly recommend Eryn to anyone who is in need of a life time change and a good healing inside and out. You will not be disappointed.

A very satisfied customer,


At the beginning of 2015 I decided to give myself the gift of a weekly pranic healing with Eryn.  I really wanted to see positive changes occur in my life.  They definitely have!  In fact, I've been told I am "glowing".  Once a month an accountant comes to my office to help me with some work.  Last month she kept looking at me and finally said, "What is your secret?  You are absolutely glowing!  If I didn't know better I would think you were pregnant."  I didn't know if she would be open to pranic healing.  So I told her it's because I am drinking a lot of green juices and working out.  I saw her again this morning.  Once again she said, "You are just glowing!  I had better start drinking those green drinks."  Thank you Eryn!


-S.B., Actress

"I was suffering severe shoulder, neck and upper arm pain (severity level 10 on a scale of 1 to 10) resulting from an old rotator cuff injury and several surgeries to the site, complicated by arthritis. After one treatment with Eryn, one day later the pain was completely gone. I have never achieved such rapid and complete results with any other form of western or alternative medicine."

~N.M, after a Pranic Healing session on an injury that was several decades old.

I feel fantastic after the session and I'm quite upbeat and hopeful of things to come. I have new direction in my life, and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart :). Honestly,  My whole outlook towards things has changed, and I'm way more aware and sensitive of energies of people and places.I have cut off a lot of negative people from my life for the very same reason.


"I am a parent of a sixteen and half year old boy with type one diabetes.  He was diagnosed when he was 12 months old. Hyperactivity became apparent and challenging to diagnosis as blood sugar fluctuations were in the mix. Since then, there is a long history of anger, focus issues, frustration, anxiety, depression and even violence. Medical professionals give contrasting diagnoses and treatment protocols. The stress of living with an out of control teen is unbearable, so I turned to alternative measures.

Recently, one morning during a heightened episode of destruction and verbal abuse, I reached out to Eryn. Mind you, from a distance, while my son was at school, Eryn worked on him energetically in such a way, that he his level of stress and anger had permanently shifted when he returned home.

Eryn does a healing on him once a week now while he is in class. His quick shift to a calmer more thoughtful boy is astounding! "


Eryn is an incredibly intuitive and gifted healer.  After only three sessions I walked away with a significant shift in my energy, and an enhanced ability to relax, focus, and concentrate.  I have dealt with a variety of energetic imbalances for many, many years and seen just about every type of spiritual healing practitioner there is.  Some with meager results… some with none whatsoever.  My healing sessions with Eryn left me in a state of shock and awe.  Not only were they extremely effective, but Eryn has gracious, welcoming personality, and profoundly refreshing spirit that simply invites openness and growth.  In three sessions, I can honestly say I have made more progress than I had in years on my own and through other modalities.  I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and amazingly present for the first time in a long time.


I am feeling better and better every single day, and I can't chalk it up as coincidence...I feel like I am getting my "power" back or something, very odd but very AWESOME!!!!

-SN, Student

The sessions with you have produced more noticeable changes (physically/psychologically) than my acupuncture sessions over the past few years have.


Thank you for the healing yesterday. I feel much less fear - just a small residual amount. Yay! I also feel a significant shift in my willpower.

-JS, Speech Therapist, After 1 healing session on Fear.

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