Designing your own Home or Business?

First of all ... congratulations!  This is a very big and exciting step in ones life. I'm a huge fan of architecture, design, form and beauty. Mix that with good energy and bam! You've got a recipe for success.


What I can offer you is guidance on how to merge your design ideas with great Feng Shui. Feng Shui that is going to infuse your home or business with prosperity, good health and success.


I can also offer you the ability to check and validate whether your design is energetically working for you or not. If it's not working, we'll make some corrections. Not to worry, you won't end up with any weird objects or symbols around your space. I keep things clean, subtle and classy.


I can be involved as much as you want me to be. If you need my consulting from the ground up, great! If you would like me to consult here and there, for this or that, great!


Send me an email and lets start the conversation!


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