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Latest from the Prana Blog

Healing Depression

By Eryn Lummerding | October 14, 2018

Depression can be the result of intense and prolonged periods of stress, trauma, low self-esteem, doubt or an accumulation of fear. These energies must all be checked for and can be removed energetically. In addition to receiving Pranic Psychotherapy sessions, it is suggested that clients who are healing for depression…

Healing Belief Systems

By Eryn Lummerding | June 14, 2018

Belief systems can run deep in our energy body. Sometimes they’re so blinding we aren’t even aware they exist. Yet as the days go by, they color and direct our thoughts, perceptions, words and choices in life.  Something like this can go on year for years.   Many of our unhealthy belief systems were learned…

Tips for Healing the Sinuses

By Eryn Lummerding | April 16, 2018

  Chronic sinus trouble can be the physical manifestation of prolonged negative emotions in the aura.*   Over time these unhealthy emotions build in the aura until finally they ‘drop down’ to a cellular level and take root in the physical body. When the emotional energy physicalizes in the cells it becomes a coarse dirty…