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Feng Shui, Space Cleansing, Energy Healing, Full Moon, Meditation

5 Things to do during the Full Moon

By Eryn Lummerding | April 16, 2019

The Full Moon can bring out the worst in us. For some, it might stir up severe anger, rage, irritability or stress. For others, they might experience fatigue or other physical issues. Perhaps you’ve noticed some serious chaos going on in your life.  So how do we harmonize with this energy?   Many Great Teachers…

Healing Depression

By Eryn Lummerding | October 14, 2018

Depression can be the result of intense and prolonged periods of stress, trauma, low self-esteem, doubt or an accumulation of fear. These energies must all be checked for and can be removed energetically. In addition to receiving Pranic Psychotherapy sessions, it is suggested that clients who are healing for depression…

Are people taking advantage of you? What’s going on energetically…

By Eryn Lummerding | September 21, 2018

Energetically speaking, what’s going when someone finds themselves a human doormat for others, or in a position where they’re experiencing patterns of being taken advantage of over and over again?   Each of us are born with some chakras more developed than others.  We all have our strong points – and we all have our…