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4 ways to Heal the Inner Critic

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Many of us have heard of the concept of practicing Loving-Kindness towards others, but what about practicing it towards oneself?


Some of us have a bad record playing in our head. Playing tracks that keep us stuck, it tells us we’re ugly or not good enough. It may even get so bad that a person can’t stand to see their own reflection. It’s the same voice that convinces us we’re incapable of doing things. Or produces excuses why something can’t happen. It’s also the same voice that may cause us to beat our self up for the smallest of mistakes.


In life it’s important to practice Loving-Kindness in all its forms. In thoughts, in words and in actions. But practicing it towards oneself can sometimes be difficult. Especially if a person finds themselves drowning in self-defeating thought forms. This can dramatically affect one’s self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.


The good news is is that these voices are not our true nature. They’re not who we are. Rather they’re energies lodged in the chakras and energy body that cause the mind to think and perceive things in a certain way. Each chakra (major acupuncture point) has a physical and psychological function, when we heal the chakras, we heal our lives. Our internal world shifts and as result the world around us changes as well.


Here are some helpful suggestions for healing your Inner Critic:


  • Regular Meditation practice. Why? Because when we meditate we establish a strong connection with our Higher Soul – our true nature. This soul energy infuses are body and steps into the driver seat. When that happens we tend to have greater clarity, emotional stability, we have a sense of direction in life, greater health in the body and so forth. Ideally, it’s great if we can meditate every day. This connection must be strengthened through regular practice. A good meditation will bathe you in spiritual energy. This is like having a shower in healing light. A light that clears out negative thoughts, emotions and other dirty energies in the aura.


  • Practice the I AM teachings. If these resonate with you, this practice can be a great way to start the day. By affirming what we are not – we get in touch with who we really are. These teachings have a dramatic effect on the energy body and can heal a wide range of ailments and issues when practiced regularly. 1  I AM Teachings


  • Inner Reflection. Spend a few minutes every day reflecting on the day before. Reflect on what kind of thoughts were being produced, and how you’re treating yourself. How are you speaking about yourself, are you doing things in your life that are causing you harm? There are many layers of teachings to Loving-Kindness so really ask yourself  ‘are my thoughts, words and actions loving to myself? Helpful? Kind?’ See the ways in which you can improve and then see yourself doing or thinking the right thing. This must be practiced regularly to program new habits and ways of being.2


  • Psychological Healing. This is a quick way to purify those energies causing the negative thoughts, belief systems, emotions etc. Our energy body is like an onion, there are many layers to it. We can get through a really good layer in a healing session, though sometimes this can take a few sessions to heal depending on the depth and severity of it. 3  Get a Healing Session


Purifying these negative energies and tendencies allow us to feel  more comfortable in our bodies and in our lives. It can allow us to experience greater happiness and inner peace. It can create greater ease in our relationships and have the courage to take bold steps in our life.


When the  inner critic becomes quiet, it allows us to navigate and enjoy our lives without the internal chatter. It’s important to note, we all have this to varying degrees. If this is something you feel is dragging you down, please feel free to reach out to your local Pranic Healer and/or Pranic Healing clinic for healing and support.


Get a Healing Session


Blessings to all of you!





  1. Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Book/Class, Master Choa Kok Sui
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  3. Everyone has the ability to learn how to heal. To do psychological healing Level 1 Pranic healing Class and Level 3 Psychotherapy Class must be completed.