Serving Humanity Wellness

Since 2003 I've been studying with Pranic Healing Masters worldwide.


It was in Vancouver, Canada where I first learned the Art and Science of Pranic Healing. I was drawn to the teachings on how to maintain a healthy mind and body. How to have spiritual wealth and at the same time financial wealth. Most importantly, how to prevent oneself from becoming drained or contaminated. These principles are taught in the very first class, Level 1 (Basic) Pranic Healing.


After my first class I jumped right in. I began working weekly at the Pranic Healing Clinic in Vancouver. I was deeply inspired when I stepped into the clinic and saw all sorts of people, from all religious, spiritual and ethnic backgrounds working for the common good of all.


I loved how Pranic Healing was inclusive. How it sought to identify what brings us together, to create deeper understanding, love and tolerance for Earth and all it's people.


My journey has taken me through several levels of certification as a Pranic Healer, and Instructor. My formal education is in Photography & Business.


In 2007,  I founded Serving Humanity Wellness and opened my doors for business. A few years later I moved to Los Angeles, California to study closer with one of my teachers, Master Stephen Co.


What really keeps me going is witnessing the daily miracles of Pranic Healing. I truly love all the people I work with and hope to continue to serve in whatever way is needed.

Certified Pranic Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Los Angeles, Pranic Healing Teacher, Instructor

Eryn Lummerding,

Certified Pranic Healer,

Feng Shui Consultant

Pranic Healing

"Pranic Healing is based on two major principles. First, that the physical body is capable of healing itself. Secondly, that for life to exist it must have energy. By increasing the life energy of the affected part or the whole body, the healing process is accelerated". ~GMCKS Level 1 Pranic Healing


Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested non-touch healing modality that uses prana (also known as chi/ki/vital life force) to rapidly heal the body and mind.


This is done by finding disturbances in the aura or chakras. Think of the aura as a blueprint for our entire system. Through a technique called scanning, we feel where  there might be blockages in the aura that could be causing physical/mental/emotional/financial issues for the individual. First we cleanse  the blockage, or dirty energy disturbing the system. Then, we replenish the body and mind with vital life force, or prana. This is when rapid healing occurs.



While I'm happy to work with anyone from any location,

I'm a strong believer that those interested in Pranic Healing

should also reach out to their local centers and instructors if they're outside the LA area.

A different kind of healing can occur when we belong to a beautiful community and have like minded individuals to connect with.

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