Energetically speaking, what’s going when someone finds themselves a human doormat for others, or in a position where they’re experiencing patterns of being taken advantage of over and over again?


Each of us are born with some chakras more developed than others.  We all have our strong points – and we all have our weak points. When a person has a very big heart chakra it causes that personality to be very loving, caring, kind and generous.


Just below the heart chakra sits the solar plexus chakra (right over the diaphragm). The qualities of this chakra allows us to have healthy boundaries, to meet our own needs in a healthy way, have healthy self-interest, courage, ambition and inner strength.


Now couple a big heart chakra with a very small solar plexus chakra and you’ll have a personality that has a great capacity to love their friends, family and the people around them but has little ability to say ‘no’, protect themselves, exercise healthy boundaries or really even stand up for themselves. Often that person puts others before themselves at the cost of their own health and wellbeing.


The heart chakra and solar plexus chakra need to be almost balanced with each other. If you want to get real technical about it, the heart chakra should be big with the solar plexus chakra just SLIGHTLY smaller than the heart chakra. This manifests as a loving person who has healthy boundaries, can take care of themselves AND others in a healthy way. This creates a very balanced personality and helps to foster healthy relationships.


So some of you are probably wondering, well what happens when someone has a small heart chakra and a big solar plexus chakra?  Ruthfullness. That’s the short answer. When the solar plexus chakra is dominant you have a personality that will meet their own needs and desires at any costs, and often at the cost of others since the heart is so small. It can cause selfishness and a wide range of other undesirable personality traits.


How do we balance these two chakras?


  • SuperBrain Yoga – This is a very powerful breathing exercise that develops intelligence, creativity and higher emotions. It also achieves just what we’re after here, it highly activates the heart chakra and makes the solar plexus chakra just slightly smaller. In addition it’s great for people who have ADD, ADHD, any learning disabilities etc. You can find the book on Amazon or at your local Pranic Healing Center. This exercise is very easy, but needs to be done accurately and regularly for best results.


  • Receive healing sessions from your local Pranic Healer or Free Healing Clinic. It feels great to have these two chakras healthy and strong! Receiving Pranic Psychotherapy treatments will set the wrong things right. Sometimes these belief systems and negative energies run deep in the energy body. Receiving healing sessions can be incredibly transformative in one’s life. 


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Wishing you all bright beautiful hearts, and a strong healthy solar plexus!