For anyone who deals with a lot of people in their day-to-day, or if you’re a health practitioner, teacher, entertainer, having conflict in your life, around people who are ill, or if you feel drained, cord-cutting is a great technique for you!


Whether we like or not, each one of us forms an energetic cord every time we interact or think of a person.  There are positive cords, i.e. cords of love, friendship, affection etc. These cords tend to have an uplifting effect on us. When we’re in the presence of these people we feel inspired, or positive. Then they’re negative cords. These cords occur when someone is using the other person as a battery. It’s important to note, these cords are never done consciously or maliciously. Negative cords cause us to feel drained when we are in the presence of certain people.


Doing this technique at least once a day is tremendously beneficial for us in so many ways. You’ll notice that your energy levels will be higher, the mind quieter, certain ailments or even your financial situation may improve. For anyone who deals with clients every day i.e. therapists, energy healers etc. it would benefit you to do this technique after each session. Same goes with teachers. If that’s not possible, cutting your cords every morning or in the evening will suffice.


With practice this technique will be a breeze and will only take a few moments to do. Energetic cords tend to reconnect themselves when we interact with those people again, so it’s important to do this technique daily.


**You will need a plastic bucket, water and table salt. Pour the table salt into the bucket, covering the bottom of it. Fill the bucket half way with water. This bucket will be your energetic garbage can or ‘salt bowl’ as it is called in Pranic Healing. Please never use it for anything other than this technique. Overtime the bucket will get very energetically dirty. Store it under the sink or tuck it away somewhere safe.


Cord-cutting is very simple, the positive effect on your aura and feelings of well-being can be dramatic. Also please note, you can never cut your positive cords, so no need to worry about that.


1. Stand in a relaxed posture and take a couple of deep breaths.


2. Put one hand above your head and slightly in front of your body with the palm facing downward. Put the other hand in front of your groin and slightly in front of your body with the palm facing up.


3. Now move your hands slowly but firmly towards each other, both sweeping across the front of your body. As you do this, visualize that you are gathering all the negative cords attached to your chakras and your aura into a tight bundle in front of you. Establish your clear intent by saying to yourself silently “I am now gathering together all the negative and nonproductive cords attached to my aura, and I will cut them completely.”


4. Pull this tightened bunch of cords together in front of your front solar plexus chakra (soft spot between the ribs) and imagine you’re holding them tightly in your bottom hand. (many people can actually feel a bundle of cords as their hands get closer. If you can’t feel them, that’s ok – the technique is still working.


5. As you hold the bundle of cords in your bottom hand, slice through the cords three times sharply with your upper hand. Make the cut all the way through. After you cut the cords, simply throw them into your salt bowl.


6. Next, you need to cut the cords attached to the back of your aura. This is going to be done the exact same way as the front. Obviously we can’t reach back there with our hands when we’re working on ourselves. Follow steps 1-5 the exact same way EXCEPT form the clear intent “I am now gathering together all the negative and nonproductive cords attached to the BACK of my aura, and I will cut them completely.” Even though the movement is being done to the front of your body, energy follows thought and the back ones will get cut.


7. Please repeat this on the front and back of your spleen and liver organs. Energetic cords in the spleen can cause us to feel very tired, even depressed. People who are emotionally dependent on us in some way tend to plug in there (and vice versa). Once again, therapists, teachers, healers all need to be mindful about cutting cords regularly on their spleens.


8. After your done, dump the salt bowl down the toilet. Never put this down the sink. The salt water is very energetically dirty.


9. Wash your hands and tuck the bucket away.


If you do not have a salt bowl available you may cut your negative cords and form the intent they connect into a nearby tree, church or temple. These structures have a lot of energy coming down into them and will feed the person who is connecting into you with divine energy thereby helping to ‘pull them up’ or heal them as they need. If you do not have a church/temple close by you can think of one mentally and form the intent the cords are connecting in to it. Please still wash your hands afterwards as negative cords are quite dirty.


Cord-cutting is a technique taught in all Level 1 (Basic) Pranic Healing Classes. Please connect with your local instructors to learn more about it.


Wishing you all good health!