“Superbrain Yoga helped me during testing time by keeping me calm. I’m usually nervous when taking big tests, but the Superbrain yoga helped my nerves cool down. One thing I will do in the future is use this exercise to cool me down. I need it because I get angry easy, so thanks.”

~Alphono, 4th Grade


Once a week I’d come into the a public school to teach a short, yet powerful exercise by the name of SuperBrain Yoga. Typically speaking I work with grades K-5 but this exercise can benefit anyone of any age.

As the year progressed teachers would share with me that their students would request SuperBrain Yoga when I wasn’t there. They had known from our time together that the exercise helped them feel calm, was proven to increase grades on tests, and helped with memory and intelligence. Teachers would share that they would ask to do the exercise before their tests and exams, of if they were having anxiety or feeling angry.

“I enjoyed the Superbrain Yoga because it got my brain warmed up and helped me do better on my tests. I felt relaxed afterwards. I will take that into my future and when something is making me nervous I will use it.”

~Robert, 4th Grade

 SuperBrain Yoga comes from ancient India. Just like the science of reflexology, or iridology. It stimulates acupuncture points in the ear which in return energizes the corresponding part of the brain. Through a series of simple breathing exercises, energy is pumped into the brain. This in return has been proven to improve focus, intelligence, grades in school, memory and more.


The energy being pumped into the brain passes through a series of other acupuncture points (or energy centers) on the body. As this energy passes through them, the person experiences inner peace, happiness, calmness, creativity. Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence decrease.

Exercise for ADD, ADHD, Focus, Memory, Intelligence, Decrease bullying at school


It’s best if SuperBrain Yoga is done every day. If you are interested in the science behind it, or would like to read the research I recommend the book:


In addition if you would like me to come to your school, or attend one of my lectures please feel free to contact me.