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Energy Healing

Energy Healing should be part of a complete package including exercise, proper nutrition, right thought, speech and action and a spiritual practice such as meditation and service.

In Pranic Healing we study the energy body. The energy body is an invisible electromagnetic field around each and everyone of us. It is visible to some clairvoyants. In Pranic Healing we study the energy body extensively. Its easiest to think of it as a blueprint for what is going on in every aspect of our lives. In Pranic Healing we know that before anything manifests physically, whether that is disease, financial problems, etc. it first appears in the energy body. Thus, Pranic Healing is not only used to treat current problems, but it is also a preventative treatment as well.

In Pranic Healing we are treating the energy body. Whatever happens to the energy body also happens physically, mentally, emotionally etc. However, the physical body still needs to be looked after as well. It is our garden in which we can grow, and it must be treated with great respect. We want the middle path. Good health can come from taking care of the physical body AS WELL as the energy body. They are two sides to the same coin.

It is important to remember that the healer is never the one doing the healing. They are just an instrument. As well, no matter what the energy healing modality, all healing comes from the same source.