Personalized Essential Oil Report

Receive a personalized report on which doTERRA essential oils can help bring the mind and body back to a state of harmony and health.


This report is done by using the Zyto scanner, a bio-communication technology that reads the energy body for imbalances. The scan is done through the hand and only takes a few minutes. From there a report is generated outlining how many bio-markers are out of balance and what products can be used to restore health.


What to Expect

A Zyto scan only takes a few minutes to generate a report.  Together we will review the report and I will answer any questions you may have.


Your report will be emailed to you. On your own time you can decide if you would like to purchase the suggested products.


Please note,  doTERRA charges a $35.00 membership fee to purchase Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils at Wholesale prices.  Memberships have a wide range of benefits. Please see below. There is no monthly obligation to purchase products.


What you will receive

In addition to receiving the essential oil report, first time clients will also receive a free 15 ml bottle of Wild Orange Oil and have access to online videos on how to use your Essential Oils for healing.


Zyto Sessions are $65.00 and take about 45 minutes. This includes your report and free Wild Orange Oil.


Wild Orange Oil


Sourcing Origin: Dominican Republic


Psychological Health Benefits:  Reduces stress, fear, nervousness, anxiety, is uplifting, fosters creativity, encourages a positive mood. Wild Orange is the oil of Abundance. It helps to purify belief systems and other negative energies related to this.


Physical Health Benefits:  Helpful in healing insomnia, menopause, heart palpitations, promotes a healthy immune system.



The first time I got an Essential Oil report I was having really intense menstrual cramps. The report came back that I needed Basil the most, followed by a women’s monthly blend, Clary Calm. I read the report further and found out that Basil Oil can be used to manage pain and reduce inflammation. There was already a pitcher of water with a drop of Basil in it on the table so I had a glass. Within 10 minutes or so my cramps went from a 9 out of 10 to a 5 or so. I had a second glass and within a few moments the pain was almost completely gone.


Severe menstrual cramps has been a problem for me since I was young. In recent years I was trying to avoid advil and other painkillers and focusing on a more natural approach. Basil Oil is seriously a miracle worker. Now I put 1 drop in a bottle of water as a preventative and sip it the day before my period. It’s been months now and I have either had no cramps during my period or very little. That's a major game changer for me!


My first report was a combination of essential oils and supplements. It seemed the report was focused on using oils to help me communicate my truth, but also to help manage stress and promote relaxation. 


I ordered in the recommended products. When they arrived I used them before I went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling like a Zen master. I felt so at peace, light and frankly just in harmony with the world around me. I can't recall a time I have ever felt that way. I continue to work with some of the oils as a way to reduce stress in my day-to-day. They've really helped the health of my body and mind.


I did a report a few weeks after getting out of a very difficult relationship. Though I was feeling relatively ok at the time, when the report was done it showed I needed Forgive Blend plus a few others.

Forgive was a hard oil to work with initially. It helped release a lot of trapped emotion, resentment and anger. It even brought up old memories I did not realize I was holding on too.

Every time I worked with it I felt lighter. My ability to truly forgive and let go got easier and easier. I can't say I loved the smell of the oil - but it really helped me to let go and move on in a positive way.


doTERRA Membership

Doterra Aromatherapy Oils

Membership costs are $35.00 for the first year. If you choose to enroll the year after that, the membership cost is $25.00. At that time you will also receive a free bottle of peppermint oil ($27.00 value).


Benefits of having a membership include purchasing doTERRA products at a wholesale prices, having access to monthly sales and the option to enroll in a Loyalty Rewards Program that allows you to quickly earn points that can be used for cash on your orders and gives access to the 'Free Product of the Month'.


doTERRA products are of the highest grade and can help you and your loved ones live a healthy & non-toxic life. In addition, doTERRA sources their oils from over 40 countries worldwide.


Your purchase supports doTERRA's Co-Impact sourcing. doTERRA works with communities worldwide to ethically source their oils and support the local community.


You can cancel your membership at anytime by contacting doTERRA at:

1(800) 411-8151