Pranic Feng Shui for the Home and Office



"Eryn has had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally.   In my day to day life her healing gave me more energy and clarity.   Not only did she improve my general health and vitality she helped remove limited thought forms that were holding me back.  She applied Pranic Feng shui to my business which literally transformed my operations.   Projects and people that were stuck moved on or moved out.  What had become a very dense and resigned atmosphere turned into happy cooperative workplace.  She also worked on a piece of commercial real estate that I needed to rebuild.   It had been sitting for 2 years with no progress.  Within a few months  of her working on it everything started moving and construction is almost complete.  Eryn is a competent, conscientious, and honest practitioner that gets results.   I highly recommend her."

John Carter, CEO, Tierzero

"After Eryn told me my writing desk had a very dark cloud over it, I immediately wondered what could be done to make it go away and feel clear. I knew the space wasn't quite right, but Eryn was really able to articulate what it was, where it was, and she suggested I get the most needle infused cacti I could find, and place it on my desk. The cactus doesn't have to be big itself, just the needles. "Think dangerous ones," she said, "not little nice ones." I went out and got a bunch of cacti, all dangerously prickly. I placed them in my desk area and all over the house. The difference is incredible! The house feels clear, open, beautiful and I have a greater sense of energized flow in my home life and when I work at home. Even after a week of traveling, I was so surprised to walk in the door and feel such lightness and beauty resonating through the house, nothing felt dark or dirty. It was so comforting. Had it not been for Eryn's wonderful ability to see and work with the prana of the house, especially my desk area, and her very useful suggestion of cacti, I would not have known what to do or how to change it effectively. Pranic Feng shui really works! I'm so grateful to Eryn and for her wonderful gift she shares so freely with others."

D.T., Writer

Feng Shui Los Angeles Home Business


When you have good Feng Shui it can be like riding the escalator going up - things just flow.


When you have bad Feng Shui, it can be like walking UP the DOWN escalator. It's just more effort than is necessary.

What is Pranic Feng Shui?

Pranic Feng Shui uses prana (life-force) that already exists in nature to infuse your home/office with healthy energy that that will fuel and support your health, prosperity, relationships, dreams and goals.

Some spaces are designed in such a way that they have a draining effect on us. This is largely due to the directions that they face and the layout of certain key elements in the home or office.


This is not to say that a person cannot be successful in these spaces,  but often living in them can cause things to be harder than need be.  Spaces with bad Feng Shui can often cause obstacles, delays or other unnecessary issues in our lives.

What to Expect in a Consultation

Here's what is needed for the consultation:

  • the address of the home or business
  • what you would like to work on. For example, is there any obstacles or problems you've faced while living in the space, or are you looking to improve a certain facet of your life?


From here we can either chat via phone or email about your concerns.


After this I will take a look at your home or office energetically. I do this through a Pranic Healing technique called Scanning.  From there I will generate a report for you as to what corrections need to be made.


After you have make the corrections we will have a follow-up session to ensure the corrections were made properly and the energy of the home or office is right where we need it to be.

Book a Consultation

To book a Pranic Feng Shui consultation please contact me or email me at:


Consultations start at $300.00 per hour.


I will offer you an estimate of the amount of work to be done after hearing your concerns.


I am always happy to work within your budget. If you would like to break it down from what's most important to least - we can do that.


Lastly, I always monitor my time on projects. If something is going to go over budget or the estimated time I will always let you know.

What can Feng Shui help with?

Improved quality of sleep


Greater harmony in relationships


Faster recovery from surgeries


Avoiding unnecessary expenses


Greater productivity


Happier Employees


Greater Financial/Material Wealth


Financial Stability

Healthier Classrooms


Better studying habits


Cleaner/lighter feeling in the home


And so much more...