Belief systems can run deep in our energy body. Sometimes they’re so blinding we aren’t even aware they exist. Yet as the days go by, they color and direct our thoughts, perceptions, words and choices in life.  Something like this can go on year for years.


Many of our unhealthy belief systems were learned at a young age. Sometimes they’re passed down through the generations. Sometimes we learn them from our caretakers and we too unconsciously continue the cycle of suffering. Other times they’re developed after traumatic events or as a way to cope with life’s challenges.


Interestingly enough, as belief systems get cleaned out of the energy body, one’s perception starts to change. We might see an event in a different light, understand why we’ve been suffering over and over again in some way, or realize how that belief system was a unseen driving force behind certain life decisions. Whatever the case, as these belief systems are worked through, we develop a new (and healthier way) of seeing ourselves and our place in the world.


I’ve seen many clients over the years who are acutely aware of unhealthy patterns that have run through the generations of their families and are determined to have the cycle of suffering end with them. This is a beautiful motivation!


Addressing and healing these negative belief systems transforms our lives. We actively make a choice to step out of the cycle of suffering, violence, poverty etc. into a new healthier way of being. The new energy flooding our planet supports these decisions. Furthermore – often these negative belief systems came into our lives to be powerful teachers for our own evolution. One day, we may even offer them our gratitude. For without them, how else would we grow?


Tips for Healing Belief Systems


  • Self-study is an important part of Pranic Healing. Our founder, Master Choa Kok Sui, encourages students to practice self-study or self-reflection for at least 10 minutes every morning.  By recalling our actions, words, thoughts and events of the day before we can start to increase our awareness of who we are and perhaps what needs to be worked on in ourself – and in our lives.
  • Receive healing sessions. Pranic Psychotherapy is an excellent way of cleaning out these belief systems VERY QUICKLY. Some of these belief systems can run quite deep in our energy body,  so it could take a few sessions or more, but nonetheless it’s much quicker than other forms of therapy (though everything has it’s place! Traditional therapy has many benefits too.)
  • If you’re a spiritual person with a meditation practice, sit down and ask for the belief system to be healed before you start your meditation, mantras, prayers etc. This is a very powerful tool in addition to the healing sessions. For an excellent meditation please check out the Twin Hearts Meditation with Psychological Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui. Not only is it an excellent meditation for planetary peace but it also has 10 minutes of healing in it.
  • Be gentle with yourself! Addressing these core issues can often bring up memories and repressed emotions. Make sure you’re getting rest when you need it and treating yourself with A LOT of self-love and self-care. Your system is changing very quickly and needs the support of good food, rest and exercise.
  • Try to understand the lesson involved. What can you extract from this for your own development?




We’re in a time where it is very important to address the things that no longer work. We’re supported in this journey of healing as we move into a more harmonious and loving way of being in the world. Within ourselves, and with those around us.


I wish you all the best on your journey! And remember, we’re all in this together.