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Healing Fibromyalgia

Pranic Healing can be very successful in treating fibromyalgia.  1-2 sessions a week are usually needed for several consecutive weeks.


Some ailments have multiple factors involved. This means that there may be more than 1 cause to an ailment. In addition to doing physical healing for fibromyalgia, we would also address any psychological causes (where applicable). In addition, it’s a good idea to work with other therapies or modalities to address such factors as diet.


Clients for fibromyalgia are strongly encouraged to bath in a nice quality salt to help the body heal faster. For this purpose we suggest sea salt, dead sea salts etc. Epsom salts are great for relaxing the muscles however they don’t have the same healing qualities as the other salts listed. You can alternate between these two baths for optimal results during the week.


” I’ve been feeling pain in my whole body for about 5 years. I discovered that it was fibromyalgia. In a few days of treatment with Eryn, 3 to be specific, I feel much better. For the first time in years I wake up with no pain. Thank you Eryn! ” ~D.V.