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Healing Hair Loss and Thinning Hair


For both men and women, healings for hair loss has been one of the most popular healing requests I’ve seen over the years.


Hair loss can occur for a number of reasons. Stress, mineral deficiencies, hormones and genetics can all play a factor.

From a Pranic Healing perspective we find there’s a layer of dirty grey energy covering the scalp. This dirty energy has a negative affect on the hair, causing breakage, thinning or hair loss.


In a healing session for hair loss we are looking at healing the scalp, the chakras and the organs that oversee the health of the hair. We’re also looking to heal the root cause of the hair loss. For example, if stress is the main factor we would want to address that as well.


Some clients notice within a session or two, that their hair stopped falling out or breaking. Within a few months, the hair rapidly regrew becoming fuller and healthier again.


Generally speaking this healing usually takes a couple sessions.


Book a session, in-person or over long distance.


Prana Tip:  Adding a little bit of table salt to your shampoo can help to remove the dirty energy off the scalp contributing to hair loss. This will help accelerate the healing process in addition to the healing sessions. This technique is also great for helping to reduce headaches as well as negative thoughts or mental chatter.

I look forward to working with you!