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Healing Cancer

Cancer could be physical, etheric, emotional or karmic in origin or a combination of them. Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, or hatred overactive the Solar Plexus chakra. The overactived Solar Plexus chakra in turns activates the Meng Mein and Basic Chakras. This is in the long run may manifest as cancer. ~ GMCKS, Advanced Pranic Healing

Here are a few tips on helping the body heal from Cancer.


Each step is equally important.


-Avoid wearing any crystals while cancer is present in the body. These crystals, whether in the form of jewelry or in the home, should be wrapped in silk and placed away until the body is completed healed. 1


-Proper Diet: Avoid eating pork, catfish and eel. These foods are energetically dirty and should be avoided at this time. Having a proper diet will help accelerate the healing process. If possible become vegetarian and avoid foods that create heat in the body.


-Proper Emotion: Avoid long-standing anger, resentment and hatred. Forgiveness, peace, joy, warmth, love, kindness should all be encouraged. Regularly practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts can assist with this. This meditation flushes out dirty emotional energy and produces inner peace, harmony and happiness when practiced regularly. Practice the Twin Hearts Meditation online   2


-Drink a high quality Rose Oil. This oil has cleansing effects on the body. It transmutes dirty energy. This allows life force to flow smoothly through the meridians and chakras helping the body to normalize itself. Due to the pink prana present in Rose Oil it also encourages emotions of love, joy, forgiveness. The Rose Oil must be of a high grade. Put 1 drop of rose oil in 1 L of water. Buy Rose Oil


-Practice Forgiveness. This has a powerful healing effect on the body. It is important to forgive all those who have hurt you, and anyone you may have hurt. Online Forgiveness Meditation


-Neutralize the negative Karma.  Find an organization that you would like to donate and/or volunteer at regularly. Talk to your Pranic Healer about how doing service can neutralize negative karma and improve the quality of one’s life.


-Receive proper medical and proper Pranic Healing treatment. Please note: What constitutes proper medical treatments is left to scientests, doctors and patients to decide. Each patient has the right to choose the type of treatment’.  In addition, healings for Cancer can take as many as 3 sessions every week for up to a year. While each case is unique, this will prepare you for what to expect. Clients can do a combination of private healing sessions and/or attending the local free healing clinic. 3





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**All teachings are from GMCK’s Pranic Healing modality.

1 These principles are taught in Advanced Pranic Healing & Pranic Crystal Healing Classes.

2 For more information on Twin Hearts Meditation and its powerful healing effects please read Advanced Pranic Healing Text chapter on Tumors/Cancer

3 For more information on Healing Cancer please read Advanced Pranic Healing or attend the Advanced Pranic Healing Class.