Tips for Healing Stress

Pranic Healing is very effective at alleviating stress. This healing can be permanent if the source of the stress can be removed and/or changed.


If for example the source of stress is coming from a job environment or a situation that is beyond ones control, than a person might have to get Pranic Healing sessions to manage the stress levels until the situation shifts.


“I feel really great and positive.  There are stressful things happening around me, but inside I feel more at peace.  Seems like those things are effecting me less.  Also feels like my breathing is deeper.”~R.L


In addition to receiving Pranic Healing treatment a person could also incorporate the following:

– Meditation Practice. My personal favorite is the Twin Hearts Meditation with Pscyhological Healing. You will receive a mini healing every time you do it.


– Salt bath with Lavender Oil. Anyone who knows a Pranic Healer, knows we’re big on our salt baths! In Advanced Pranic Healing Class you learn how your average table salt has a very specific color prana in it that is excellent at breaking down dirty energy. Use anywhere from 2 cups to 2 pounds of table salt in your bath. Soak for 20 minutes and rinse off. If you are experiencing emotional distress, add 10 drops of a high quality Lavender Oil. Lavender is excellent at cleaning out dirty emotional energy. If you do not have a bath tub, feel free to do a salt scrub in the shower. Cover the body, let it sit for a few minutes than rinse it off.


-Green Tea. If your body is fine with Green Tea, find yourself a nice brand and drink it through the day. In Pranic Healing we have found that Green Tea actually shrinks the chakra where our stress begins.


Depending on the severity of the stress, it might take a couple sessions until a client experiences complete relief. You will also find that your sleep will improve, tension headaches or TMJ may subside, as well as any other ailments caused by stress may also heal.


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