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Suggested Routine for Healing Stress

This routine should be done in addition to receiving Healing treatments. This practice is best done in the morning time so you can reap the benefits through the whole day. However, if it that is not possible, then anytime of day will do. In addition, it's ideal to meditate in the same spot every day. As tempting as it is, this practice should not be done in bed.


Do this practice after you shower, or avoid showering for several hours after the meditation. Reason: Water is energetically very neutral and has a tendency to wash away some of the healing energy generated during the meditation.


Exercise for 15 minutes beforehand. You can follow the suggested exercises on track 2 of the Meditation on Twin Hearts or you can do any exercise you enjoy. The point is to move your body from head-to-toe. This is very important, don't skip exercising. However don't do any exercises that hurt your body or cause you further pain.   Purpose: we release a lot of pent up emotional energy and dirty physical energy when we exercise. As a result our energy body automatically can draw in greater amounts of healthy energy. In return, this healing prana is sent to our organs, cells and other physical systems helping them to stay healthy and strong. Exercising also breaks up energetic blocks in the system that may cause pain or other disturbances while meditating.



Suggested Healing tools:

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  1. After you're done exercising sit down for some deep breathing. For now, keep the breathing exercise simple. Put one hand on your navel. As you breathe in, allow your abdomen to expand out, as you breathe out, let your abdomen come in. This may feel counter-intuitive as first. Especially if you tend to breathe only from your chest. Let your in and out breath be natural. As your body is ready the breath will deepen, don't force it. Focus on doing deep breathing for a few minutes. This in itself can become quite meditative. If you're experiencing high anxiety or stress, doing deep abdominal breathing should be done for about 10 minutes to help you calm down.
  2. Lavender Oil: apply a drop or two of lavender oil to your hands. Rub your hands together and then run your fingers through your hair and over your head. This will help to break up negative thoughts and dirty energy around the head. Put another drop on your hand and rub it over your solar plexus. The chakra here is where the stress energy begins. Purpose: this can help the mind be quieter and help produce inner peace and calmness.
  3. Om, the Sound of Stillness: you can play this mantra while you're exercising and doing your deep breathing. In that way it will be energetically cleaning your space and raising the vibration. This is very powerful for any kind of meditation or spiritual practice. In addition you can sit down and listen to the OM mantra before meditation. Listening to a few minutes of this will have a purifying affect on you.
  4. Meditation on Twin Hearts with Chakral Healing: there are a few versions of the Twin Hearts Meditation and this one specifically is excellent at providing psychological healing. Before the meditation begins form the intent for what you would like healed. This could be something like "I'd like to form the intent, that the energy of this meditation heal me of stress." Make sure you are in a comfortable position before you meditate. Sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor is ideal. Also make sure your back is off the chair. Purpose: this allows the energy to flow smoothly up and down your spine. Sitting with your legs uncrossed will ensure that the energy will reach the lower chakras abundantly.
  5. After the meditation take a few minutes to exercise. Purpose: to help break up energetic blockages and get grounded. It's important to be grounded after our meditation practices.


Side note: There is a prayer at the start of this meditation. Pranic Healing accepts all traditions, faiths, religions etc. Please feel free to pray to whomever you like. If this is not your thing, then you may just listen during this part of the meditation.


If possible try to do this practice a few times a week until things improve.


Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves and others. If this is something that interests you, find a Level 1 or Basic Pranic Healing Class in your area. This is a preliminary class to all other Pranic Healing Classes. To learn how to do psychological healing you will need the Level 3 or Pranic Psychotherapy class.