Pranic Healing is very effective at healing trauma.


Trauma, no matter how old, can get stored in the energy body, thus having a domino effect on our psychological state and our physical health. Sometimes if the trauma is very old, we might observe things getting worse as the years go by.


If you’re interested in doing a healing session on trauma, here are a few things to be aware of:


  • This healing should be repeated 1-2 sessions a week until you feel relief. If the trauma is old, or severe, a handful of sessions may be needed. These can be private healing sessions, at the healing clinic, or a combination of both.
  • When scheduling your healing, take into consideration that you might feel tired after the healing, even going into the next day. It’s quite common when we release unhealthy emotions/thoughts that we feel a bit fatigued.
  • To speed up your healing journey, consider doing the Twin Hearts Meditation with Psychological Healing at least a few times a week. Before sitting down to do the meditation, form the intent on what you would like healed to make it even more therapeutic.
  • Consider doing the ‘I AM’ prayer when you start your day and when you go to bed. Starting the day with this prayer helps us have greater inner peace and emotional control. It also strengthens and empowers us. These teachings are further shared in the Pranic Healing Classes.


In addition, Pranic Healing clients are always encouraged to learn Pranic Healing to heal themselves. If you are interested in learning how to do Pranic Psychotherapy you need Level 1 Pranic Healing as a foundation course, then you can jump ahead to Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy.


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Best of luck on your journey!