Back in the day I had a major addiction to sugar. Believe or not – I was addicted to muffins.


At the time, I used to sit in school thinking about them, watching the clock for the next break and when I could bust out to fulfill my addiction.


Outside of school, I was starting to study Pranic Healing. My teacher was demonstrating the healing technique for addictions and asked for a volunteer. I threw up my hand and she gave me a surprised look. I told her about my sugar addiction. I had always been known to have a ‘sweet tooth’ but while I was going to school it became an intense addiction, which was starting to take over my thoughts and actions.


She brought me up in front of the class and began to feel my energy body for desire thought forms for sugar. She leaned over and quietly asked ‘how are you even functioning?’ it was a bit of a joke, but it also was highlighting that the energy causing the sugar addiction was huge and my willpower to choose otherwise had been severely affected.


After she was finished the healing I didn’t feel different. It wasn’t until the next morning when I was in my normal routine of getting tea and a muffin that I felt a huge impact. I ordered a muffin, but I didn’t WANT the muffin – it was more the ritual or habit I was going through. When I took a bite of the muffin the sugar tasted like poison and ripped through my whole being – I couldn’t bear to take another bite.


After that I was strictly off sugar for the next couple years. Slowly I started to introduce it back into my diet in a healthier way. But I never ever went back to the way I was. I was able to enjoy it as a treat here and there and had the freedom to choose if and when I wanted it.


Many people deal with addictions to all sorts of things. Pranic Healing is excellent at helping people overcome these addictions. Whether the addiction is to smoking, sex, alcohol, drugs, love, coffee…. Any and all of the above.


The severity of the addiction, how long it’s been present, if you’re ready to let it go (or even partially!) are all major factors in regards to how long it will take to heal. As always this is something that can be addressed in private healing sessions, in the healing clinic or in a combination thereof.


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If you would like to learn how to heal addictions you’ll have to take Level 1 Pranic Healing and Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy class with your local Pranic Healing Instructors.


Blessings to all of you!

And let’s be honest – out of all the baked goods, muffins really aren’t that good.