Have you ever noticed that after doing a healing session your fingers feel achy or sore? Or maybe the palms or forearms get itchy? Or worse case scenario you wake up the next day with a very sore shoulder or neck?


Sometimes healers (and this includes massage therapists and anyone else working with their hands) can experience contamination after working on their clients. The dirty energy that is released in the session can get stuck in our finger joints causing pain. If there was a lot of dirty energy released sometimes it can get stuck in the armpit finding it’s way up to the shoulder and neck area.  This can often be a problem for those giving sessions days after day.


In Pranic Healing we recommend spraying your hands while doing a healing session. Even though the dirty energy coming out during a pranic healing treatment is being thrown into an ‘energetic garbage can’, it can also leave a layer of dirty energy on the hands which can build up over time. Spraying the dirty energy off ensures that the healer stays clean during the treatment.


There are some cases when even though you’re spraying regularly through the session the dirty energy can still affect the fingers and other areas. For me, I have found this to be the case when I’m working on clients with cancer or tendencies to be violent. These qualities of energy tend to be very heavy and dirty. After these sessions I always have to take an extra step to ensure I am truly clean of that energy.


Here are a few tips to ensure you are staying clean while giving a healing treatment:

  • A healing spray is very easy to make. Find a spray bottle fill it with 5-10 drops lavender, 5-10 drops tea tree oil, and rubbing alcohol (or vodka for no scent). A good aromatherapy oil is very potent energetically. A little bit goes a long way. For the sake of cleansing dirty energy please stick to this recipe. Other oils have different properties. Some are cleansing energetically, some are not and can make the dirty energy worse. This is talked about further in Advanced Pranic Healing Class.
  • After your session, scrub your hands, fingers and up to your elbows with table salt and water. This is an excellent habit to get into. It will help to keep all your joints healthy and can help prevent arthritis and frozen shoulder. These are just a few ailments which healing practitioners can experience from their work.


Practicing good energetic hygiene will help your body stay healthy and strong. Which in return will allow you to carry on the work and do more service. Heaven knows we need it.


Lots of blessings to all of you and the work you do!



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