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Home Clearing – A Sweet & Happy Home

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a lovely women whose husband had just passed away. He had been sick for sometime and she was aware that the energy in the home had become quite heavy. (This is very common when someone is sick physically or psychologically).


A day or so before we had booked our  Home Clearing Session he had passed away. Her home only needed one session to clear out any heavy emotions or thoughts that were in the space. After the session was complete she said ‘the house had never felt so sweet and happy’ and that ‘it hadn’t felt this way in years’. In the days to come she felt her husband had completely passed over not sensing that any part of him had been left lingering behind. She said the space felt light, like a weight had been lifted.


Our home is an extension of our self, and of anyone else who is been there before us. Thoughts and emotions are very real and can take on a life of their own.


If our home is filled with negative thoughts and unhealthy emotions it will color our own psychological state. The opposite is also true, if our space is clean, filled with energy that leads to good health, happiness and prosperity we will see a great improvement in our life.



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Testimonial from this client:

” Recently I had the opportunity of being helped by Eryn. When I needed assistance with having my home cleansed. For the longest my home felt heavy and sad. I felt trapped in my own home.

My home felt heavy with anxiety. I was referred to Eryn by a good friend. Eryn was more than happy to help me with my issues. Immediately after I felt a difference in the air. My home hasn’t felt so happy and peaceful for a long time up until now.


Three weeks later I received a private healing from Eryn on myself. I was having issues with anxiety while driving. Since the healing I feel more comfortable in my surroundings and more at peace while driving. I’m confident that I will be back to the happy driver I once was.
Since the healing I have a feeling of inner peace and calmness.


I highly recommend Eryn to anyone who is in need of a life time change and a good healing inside and out. You will not be disappointed.


A very satisfied customer,

ML “