House and Land Clearing

Unhealthy energy in the Land or in our House can cause a wide variety of problems.


Physically, we might experience fatigue or other ailments.


Emotionally, it may color our thoughts or produce negative emotions.


Financially, we might experience a drain, or our relationship could be having problems.

You may want to consider this service if previously:

  • there was a divorice in the house
  • if the previous occupants went bankrupt or had financial difficulty
  • there was a violent crime or something traumatic happened in the House or on the Land
  • the House is located near a cemetery or burial ground
  • the House is located near a Temple or Church
  • the House is located near a prison, slaughter house or hospital

Of course we don't always know the history of our House and the Land in which we live upon.  Other clear signs that things need to be cleared are if physically you always feel tired in the space, or have been unwell since moving in.


Energy can build up in Houses over many years or decades. It's very common that we all energetically release thoughts and emotions as we go through our day. If we're going through a difficult time, our mind naturally produces more negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can really build up in our space. Largely this is due to the quality of energy of 'lower emotions'. Emotions such as sadness, anger, grief, stress etc. have a real heaviness to them and often feel quite sticky. As a result they can really build up in our rooms and in furniture we spend a lot of time in, such as our bed and couch.


As these thoughts and emotions build up in our space they tend to color our thinking when we spend time there. It's like hanging out under energetic dark clouds. It can make things worse then need be, and perpetuate the cycle of negativity.


Some types of dirty or unhealthy energy can really affect our finances or cause obstacles where there would be none. It can also produce an effect of having a lot of unnecessary expenses or feeling like 'money is slipping through our fingers'. Lastly, as mentioned before, our relationships can really take a hit if the space has a lot of anger and stress energy it in.


When the Earth is happy and healthy, the people living on the land tend to experience good-health, prosperity, good-fortune, happiness and more.

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If you feel your House and Land may need to be cleansed please send me an email briefly describing what your experiencing and any history of the house you may have. Please also include the address of where the house is located. Remotely I will scan the Land and the House to see what we're dealing with and how we should proceed.


It's important to note, sometimes the House does not need to be cleansed. If this is the case I will let you know. Difficulties in our life can also be resolved through Healing Sessions and/or correcting the Feng Shui in our space. I will do my best to advise you with the information you provide as to what the best option will be.


It usually takes me about 2 business days to get back to people. I don't work weekends, so if you email me on Friday, likely I will get back to you by Monday or Tuesday. Please note this service is done remotely.


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House & Land Clearing


I've been working with Eryn for about 4 years and I have nothing but great things to say about her professional yet nurturing style. 


One particular summer, I went to visit my grandmother in Poland. We both share an interest in the esoteric and paranormal. On this visit, my grandmother had told me that many spiritual mediums have told her over the years that her family's land was cursed. 


The family, at its height, owned 10 acres in the suburbs of Warsaw. Looking back on her childhood, my grandmother recalled tons of misfortune from family members' painful sicknesses, to poor crop yields (most of the land was used for farming), to particularly aggressive Nazi and then later Soviet troops barracking themselves on the property, etc. In more recent years, a raging family feud was at its heat and everyone's finances weren't doing to well either. In other words -- my Grandmother's family's land didn't exactly attract positive energy. 


After hearing about my recent work with Eryn, she asked me to consult her on the energy of the family land -- maybe she could lift the negative energy. Eryn, more than willing to help, did what she does best cleansed the totality of the land. 


Ever sense the cleansing of my Grandmother's property, the family feud has been completely extinguished, finances have improved, family ventures are running more smoothly and everyone is happier and healthier.  The whole family has seen the results first hand. 


This experience single handedly ended years of misery my family had endured at the hands of negative energy festering in the earth beneath their feet. I can't thank Eryn enough for her help and changing the lives of my family members. She handled our situation with a professional attitude -- she provided us with constant updates and notes, a clear analysis and description for those who might be unfamiliar with Pranic Healing, and timely responses. In addition, she made sure that we were aware that the curse would not harm us, but rather she comforted us with the idea of the changes and improvements after the cleanse. Overall, Eryn possesses nothing but success in my eyes. She is great with her clients and leads them to happier and healthier lives. 

 - M.R.

I have been enlisting Eryn Lummerding as my personal healer for years, and we have been undoing and resolving many physical issues. She is a very good technical healer and has natural clairvoyance, which I love.

When I was getting ready to sell my houses in Arizona, my first house was languishing on the market. It was not getting much foot traffic and no one seemed interested in it, even though it was best in it's class and I had just spent $6,000 on it to make it really cherried out. I mentioned that to Eryn and she told me that she does Space Cleansing. I intuitively felt that that house would languish on the market for 10 months to a year before being sold, if sold then and it would have cost me about $10,000. I asked her to work on the land and the space and within something like a WEEK, I had an offer, did a counter offer and had it under contract! That house is now sold!

I had Eryn check two more homes, and cleanse them, and within about a WEEK, both had offers and I had them subsequently under contract. They are both SOLD now.

I have one on the market right now, and two more that she will cleanse as soon as the tenants are moved out and the contractors done.

My realtor , who knows nothing about energy work, is really a believer after she's seen three homes get sold so FAST after being cleaned and blessed.

I had her cleanse and bless my abode as well, as my parents were very sick here, and my mom died here.

Wherever you live has the energies of all previous tenants, so, I would advise you to cleanse wherever you live, period, even if it's a rental or a dorm room. Its just good energetic hygiene.

Do yourself a great favor and have her cleanse your space.

Carol Leilani Jenny

Recently I had the opportunity of being helped by Eryn. When I needed assistance with having my home cleansed. For the longest my home felt heavy and sad. I felt trapped in my own home.
My home felt heavy with anxiety. I was referred to Eryn by a good friend. Eryn was more than happy to help me with my issues. Immediately after I felt a difference in the air. My home hasn't felt so happy and peaceful for a long time up until now.

Three weeks later I received a private healing from Eryn on myself. I was having issues with anxiety while driving. Since the healing I feel more comfortable in my surroundings and more at peace while driving. I'm confident that I will be back to the happy driver I once was.
Since the healing I have a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

I highly recommend Eryn to anyone who is in need of a life time change and a good healing inside and out. You will not be disappointed.

A very satisfied customer.


Personal Story from me, Eryn 😉


One of my first jobs in LA was working on a home that was nearly 100 years old. When I walked through the door I could feel the negative energy before I even started.

The couple who hired me had been experiencing martial problems since moving into the house. The husband worked at home and was starting to experience very serious psychological issues and drug problems. It was creating a huge strain on their relationship.

We were able to discover the history of the space. We found that there had been decades of people living in the home who all seemed to suffer from either mental health issues or addictions. So much so that one of the previous occupants had ended their own life while living there.

This house took several sessions to clean. When we were done, the years of negative energy that accumulated in the space were gone and both the husband and wife had great relief.

This was definitely a more serious job. But it’s a great example of how dirty energy in our home can affect us on many different levels.