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How bad Feng Shui can cause a financial drain


Have you ever had the experience of money slipping through your fingers? It seems like no matter what you do, money just drains out?


Many years ago, while still living in Canada, I lived in a beautiful artist loft space in Vancouver. I loved everything about it. I loved the ceiling-to-floor windows that over looked the Vancouver mountains, I loved the high ceilings and the community that surrounded me.


What I didn’t love about it was despite working 3 jobs at the time, money was like sand running through my fingers and no matter what I did I just couldn’t hold on to it.


Well I looked at everything. I looked at my budget, I evaluated what I was making… on paper it showed me I should have been making more than enough to be ok, but nonetheless I was working around the clock and barely getting by. It seemed it was always one thing after another.


Finally I discussed it with my Healing/Feng Shui teacher and brought her by to look at the space.


As it turned out, the door to my unit and the door of my building were facing directions that have a quality of energy known to drain money and resources in a home or space.


We made the appropriate Feng Shui correction to my door and things began to improve. In no time I was able to cut back on the amount of work I was doing, get caught up financially and begin to focus on what I really wanted to be building in life.


It’s important to note: 70% of the energy in our home comes through the main door of the house. Consider this door the ‘mouth’ to your home or space. If the energy coming through the front door is beneficial then we will be supported in having good health, wealth and other health-giving energies. If the energy coming through is draining, then it can make things harder than need be.


Also important to note, the ‘main’ door of a building is not always the front door. It’s the one that sees the most foot traffic.


Pranic Feng Shui supports us in having good health, prosperity, healthy relationships etc. This is done by anchoring energies that already exist in nature into our home or space. Working with these health-giving energies supports us in having prosperity, wealth and financial stability. It can help us heal from surgeries or improve our quality of sleep. It can support us in having healthy relationships and in reaching our goals.


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