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How Good Feng Shui benefits everyone within the space


Each one of us has an energy body or aura. Within our energy body are acupuncture points or chakras. Each of these chakras has a physical, psychological and spiritual function. We observe in Pranic Healing that as we heal these chakras, a person’s personality changes, their physical health, finances and emotional state all improve.


Each home, office and building has it’s own energy. Every terrain, city, even the earth underneath our feet – all carry different types of energy. The way we decorate, the colors we use, the images we put on our walls – they too carry their own unique energies.


So how is this related to Feng Shui?


Our energy body and chakras respond to our environment. It responds to the people we spend time with, the cities that we live in, the places we work. This can have a positive impact on us, or due to negative energy in those environments, it can cause us to feel drained or experience misfortune or ill health.


Applying Feng Shui to a space corrects these disharmonious energies. When the corrections are made, the prana or life force within a space begins to flow as it should. As a result, when we spend time in that space, our physical vitality, finances, sleep, happiness and more can all get a major boost due to the influx of healthy energy.


The more time spent in a space with good Feng Shui, the more the energy body adjusts for prosperity, good health, and good fortune. When the energy body and chakras change in this way, we see big shifts start to happen in people’s lives. Remember from before, as we change the chakras, we change our personalities and thus change our lives.


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Wishing you all a healthy and harmonious space!