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I AM the Soul Affirmation




I AM that I AM

I AM not the body.

I AM not the emotion.

I AM not the thought.

I AM not the mind.

The mind is only a subtle instrument

of the soul.

I AM the Soul.


I AM a spiritual being of Divine Intelligence,

Divine Love Divine Power,

I AM one with the Higher Soul:

I AM that I AM.


I AM one with the Divine Spark.

I AM a Child of God.

I AM connected with God.

I AM one with God.

I AM one with ALL.


Awareness is placed above the head.

Visualize yourself in a violet flame & repeat sincerely 3x. Then be still.

This affirmation has many benefits to it. When practiced in the morning it can help a person have greater clarity and emotional stability. It can also feel like you’ve ‘stepped on to your path’ by helping you find direction in your life. This affirmation is also useful for healing addictions and other psychological ailments.
When practiced in the evenings the benefits are the same, however it can be used to help heal insomnia, providing a restful deep sleep.

*copyright GMCKS.

Teachings can be found in ‘Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul’ book and class.

Image is of the 12th Chakra located above the head. It is often called the Soul Star Chakra.