Pink Pepper Essential Oil – Healing support for the Whole Body

Though Pink Pepper looks similar to Black Pepper, it’s actually closely related to Cashews.


The use of this oil would benefit individuals seeking support and healing for the Immune System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, normalizing Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels.


One unique healing quality of Pink Pepper, is it’s ability to encourage healthy cell death. It activates killer cells within the body that support a healthy immune system response. Cellular death is a natural part of our system. However, when this is not happening properly it can lead to a wide variety of ailments. Research shows that improper cell death can lead to tumors and other issues.




How you use your oils makes a big difference for what kind of benefit you are receiving.


The best way to work with Pink Pepper is to put 1 drop of oil in a bottle of water. This oil is best when diluted, rather than putting it directly under the tongue. This will avoid irritation of the tissue in the mouth. When essential oils are taken internally, they have the potential to affect every cell of your body within 20 minutes. Through this method, the oil is absorbed into the blood then distributed through the body via the circulatory system. From there, it is metabolized by the liver moving onto excretion which takes place through the kidneys, lungs and intestines. The oil then reaches the targeted physical systems for healing. Taking this oil internally should only be done once a day at the most.



Please note: I can only recommend taking doTERRA oils internally due to their high standards of quality. Please be careful when working with other brands. There are many factors involved in regards to the quality and purity of the oil. When taking essential oils internally, one should only work with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils labeled for internal use.  The doTERRA oils you can take internally will be marked with a supplementation fact sheet on the side of the bottle.



doTERRA works with families in Kenya to source Pink Pepper. Originally these trees were planted as shade trees and were not being harvested. doTERRA worked with the local communities to harvest these trees which in return provided an income that affords their families, food, water, proper housing and education.



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