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In Pranic Healing we work with Prana to heal the mind and body.

Prana is the breath of life. It is what keeps us alive and without it we would cease to exist.

The word Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning life force. In Japan it is called ‘ki’, in China ‘chi’, in Greek ‘pneuma’ and many more.

In Level 1 Pranic Healing we learn about 3 major sources of Prana. These are solar prana from the sun, air prana and earth prana. There are other sources of prana as well, such as trees. They are very special, as they consist of all three types of prana and are great at recharging and even healing the body. Pine trees imparticular have a great excess of prana available. For anyone who is fatigued or sick you can benefit greatly by resting and lying underneath the Pine trees. These exercises to increase our energy levels can be learned by anyone.

For those of us who live in darker areas of the world, up North, or in the Pacific Northwest, we find that seasonal depression and sickness is common during the winter months. This can be due to the decrease of solar prana and air prana available to us. Its common that under these conditions the body and mind might slow down or even feel sluggish. In Level 1 Pranic Healing we discuss ways that this can be counteracted.

Food contains prana as well. We want to eat food that is close as close to its natural state as possible. Fresh fruits, vegetables and clean fresh water all contain a surplus of prana as opposed to preserved food.

We are affected by Prana or the lack there of in many ways. In brief, if we are looking for good health, youthfulness and a sound mind, we want to expose ourselves as much as possible to healthy prana. These techniques and exercises can be learned in a weekend course by anyone.

For more information about on Prana please read Miracles in Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui.