As we live our lives and go about our day it is very common that many of us are exposed to unhealthy or ‘negative’ energies. To a certain degree these energies can affect us which can lead to fatigue, stress, depression, physical ailments etc. These unhealthy energies exist in many places. From a stressful work environment – to being around negative people. They can exist in energetically dirty environments like bars etc to living in densely populated cities. Whether we like or not, these energies do exist. So how do we protect ourselves from them?


Many of us shower or bath every day to keep the physical body clean. Just as the body has a tendency to get dirty, create fowl smells and generally look undesirable when we don’t wash, so it is the same with the energy body. It is highly advisable to take a physical shower every day, as well as spiritual one as well.


I’ve written before about the benefits of having a morning practice. But lets explore on a deeper level whats happening when we meditate. When we practice meditation our energy body is literally being showered with Divine Energy. Now the more powerful the meditation, the more this is true. During that spiritual shower, dirty energy is being flushed out of our system. This dirty energy comes from a) our environment b) from other people c) from our own negative thoughts/emotions.


In Pranic Healing we study how the energy body is a blueprint for the physical body, mind, emotions etc. When this energy body is cleansed through meditation, the organs, chakras, mind and emotions improve as well. Furthermore, it’s important to note that before anything in our life or body manifests it first shows up in the energy body.


From here we can start to think of Pranic Healing and meditation as Preventative Healing.


For those who are sensitive to negative energy, experiment with incorporating a daily meditation into your schedule. This will help to strengthen your system on all levels. In Pranic Healing we recommend the Twin Hearts meditation. Here are some available versions this meditation:


Planetary Peace Meditation

-Planetary Peace Meditation with Psychological Healing

Planetary Peace Meditation with Physical Healing


Just as we have to shower regularly, so it is with meditation as well. Lots of blessings to you on your journey!