Cleaning out our environment of dirty energy can be a great way to help heal our relationships. When there is conflict in the home or in the work place these negative thoughts, emotions, ideas tend to accumulate.


When we spend time in this dirty energy (which is very heavy and sticky) it can color our thoughts and our emotions. It can steer us to think in a certain direction or cause us to keep recalling negative events. Essentially it adds to the conflict and can make things far worse than they need be. It can be a hindrance to us forgiving and being able to move forward.


It’s important to note; that like attracts like in the energy world. Letting these dirty energies remain will attract more of the same thing and can lead to other problems with family members and/or staff.


If this situation is long standing or quite severe my first recommendation is getting the Earth & Space Cleansing service.


For less serious cases here are a few tips on how to clean your space:


  • This mantra OM does a great job at cleaning space and raising the vibration. Our Pranic Healing Centers sell a wonderful OM cd by GMCKS.  Massage therapists and other practitioners could consider playing this while they work or after to keep their space and own energy body clean.
  • Purification Incense. Also a nice easy way to clean your space. This incense is powerful, with very little smoke. A little bit goes a long way.  You can always use sandalwood, lavender, frankincense and sage. It’s important to leave the window open while burning incense.
  • Leave the windows open for 20 minutes a day. Mother Nature is a powerful cleanser. Allowing fresh air to come through is an easy way to lighten the space up.


In addition to keeping the space energetically clean, one should also consider healing sessions to help heal the relationship rapidly. Your Pranic Healing practitioner can also help guide you through forgiveness meditation where necessary.