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Tips for a good night’s sleep


Sleep offers our body an opportunity to heal itself.


One of the basic principles of Pranic Healing is that life force (prana/chi) is needed for a strong, healthy body and mind. As we sleep, our body moves very little. The life force that we would exert during the day is used for the healing of the organs and other physical systems at night. In addition to healing, sleep can also provide much-needed relief from the day-to-day stresses and other emotions we experience.


But what if we’re unable to get a good night’s sleep? Most of us realize after a few nights of this, we become a nightmarish version of ourselves. We may feel on edge, have a short-temper, perhaps the issues we face in our life feel exasperated or simply summarized, we feel drained.



Having a good night’s sleep is extremely important for our basic health. Here are few tips on how to make sure you’re getting a good night’s rest:


1. Try to avoid being on your devices or even watching TV 1-2 hours before you go to bed. These activities are very stimulating to our minds and don’t allow us to unwind and prepare for sleep.


2. Make sure your room is clean and organized. The room should be well ventilated and things should be in their place. There should be no strong smells or extreme temperatures. Ideally, the bedroom is a very simple clean area free of light and noise pollution.


3. Avoid sleeping underneath beams and slanted ceilings. These two things can create health problems and relationship issues. If you’re unable to change this situation consider getting a Feng Shui consultation to make the corrections.


4. If your mind is racing a mile-a-minute as your trying to fall asleep do the cord-cutting technique. When this is happening, sometimes we’re connected to too many people. Cutting the energetic cords should quieten the mind.


5. If you’re going through a highly emotional time put a bowl of salt water underneath your bed. This will help purify you of negative emotions that could be disrupting your sleep. It’ll also energetically clean your mattress.


Our mattresses eventually become energetically filthy. During the night, while our body is working to restore itself we release a ton of dirty energy. The dirty energy tends to collect in our mattresses. Our emotions can also get stuck in our bed. This creates an energetically heavy space to sleep in. This can be especially true for people who tend to cry while in bed. Furthermore, these lingering negative emotions and thoughts can ‘color’ our mind causing us to return to a negative or unhealthy state when we slip into bed.


To set up a salt bowl under your bed, find a bucket (that’ll only ever be used for this purpose), generously cover the bottom of the bucket with salt (table salt is fine) and fill it halfway with water. Slide the bucket under your bed positioning it where your solar plexus chakra would be if you were laying down (mid-back). Salt has green prana in it which breaks down dirty energy, water absorbs or contains the dirty energy which ensures you will stay energetically clean and so will your space. The salt bucket acts as a vacuum. Not only does it vacuum up negative emotions and thoughts from our system, but it thoroughly cleans the mattress as well. Your salt bucket should be changed every 2-4 days. Please don’t let it go longer than this. If you’re going through a hard time that salt bowl will fill up very fast. Eventually, they do get full. Dump the salt water down the toilet to dispose of it.


If you’re unable to slide a bucket of salt water under your bed, you can also energetically clean your room and mattress with sage, sandalwood, frankincense or lavender incense. Make sure the windows are open while burning any incense. Another powerful option is playing an OM mantra.1


6. If possible, make your bedroom a device-free room. Avoid sleeping with devices by your head or under your bed. Experiment with shutting them off before you sleep and even turning off your computer and wifi. You may find in the morning you feel noticeably different – and better.


7. Avoid having crystals in the bedroom. Crystals come from the earth and are charged with earth prana. Our lower chakras, which keep us anchored to our physical body, also feed off of earth energy. The last thing we want is for our lower chakras to be overstimulated preventing us from falling asleep. If you don’t want to move them out of the room wrap them up in silk so their energy is isolated. Everyone’s sensitivity is different. If you’re highly sensitive you may notice a ‘buzzing’ sensation in your body when crystals are close by, especially if they are ‘charged up’ or blessed.


8. Avoid meditating or doing your spiritual practice in your bedroom. Over time meditating in the same spot builds a pillar of light. When you return to that spot again it’s easier for you to get back into your meditative state. However, when done in the bedroom that energy can be overstimulating which can cause insomnia.


9. A really nice thing to do before going to bed is to rub the feet and ankles down with lavender oil. This will help you drift into a peaceful slumber.


10. If you’re still having difficulty sleeping, consider getting a private healing session or visiting your local Pranic Healing Clinic.



Wishing you all a sound restful sleep!



Photo: Ojai, California taken by your truly!

  1. Pranic Healing founder Master Choa Kok Sui, has a wonderful OM cd out that can purchased from Pranic Healing Centers or on iTunes.