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 Since Superbrain Yoga activates the higher energy centers and also energizes the brain and nervous system, it is possible to use Superbrain Yoga to alleviate the condition of patients with psychological ailments and/or brain and nervous system ailments.

-Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

SuperBrain Yoga

Superbrain Yoga is an exercise that boosts brain function, improves memory, increases intelligence, strengthens focus and clarity and helps creates calmness.


How long does this exercise take?  Only a few minutes a day.


While Superbrain Yoga is great for anyone of any age, we have seen tremendous results with those who have ADD, ADHD, Autism etc. We've also seen improvements in the classroom. Test scores rising, good self-esteem developing and a decrease in bullying.


My own personal experience had been working weekly with children of all ages in the public school teaching them Superbrain Yoga. We saw amazing results, the kids began to request the exercise daily and shared with me how they felt Superbrain Yoga benefited them. You can read their letters below.

How does the brain get energized in this technique?


What do the lower chakras have to do with the health of our brain?


Where this exercise originates from.


Why the position of the hands on the ears is of the utmost importance - and what happens if you do the exercise incorrectly.


We'll be covering all these topics and more in the upcoming Superbrain Yoga lecture. Join us:


Date: Saturday February 6th


Time: 5:30 - 7:00pm


Address: Dance Garden LA, 3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112, LA, 90038


Event is FREE. Parking is available in parking lot.

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"I enjoyed the Superbrain Yoga because it got my brain warmed up and helped me do better on my tests. I felt relaxed afterwards. I will take that into my future and when something is making me nervous I will use it." ~Robert, 4th Grade

Dear Ms. Eryn,

Thank you so much for what you did! The Superbrain yoga you taught me actually helped me with my test. When I was stuck on a problem, I would close my eyes and think it is ok if I get one wrong. When I would open my eyes I knew the answer.

When I go to middle school, I know I'll be stressed out alot. When I get stressed out I will do Superbrain Yoga and meditate for a moment. Thank you for everything.

~Your student, Veronica

4th Grade

"Superbrain Yoga helped me during testing time by keeping me calm. I'm usually nervous when taking big tests, but the Superbrain yoga helped my nerves cool down. One thing I will do in the future is use this pose to cool me down. I need it because I get angry easy, so thanks."

~Alphono, 4th Grade

"I use Superbrain Yoga when I'm mad and need to breathe. It  helped me be relaxed and calm." ~ Prince, 4th Grade

"Superbrain Yoga helps me concentrate and relax. I will take that into Junior high. Again thanks alot, we will miss you.

PS. I'll also teach my Uncle Superbrain Yoga too. He gets mad easily."

~Mary, 4th Grade

"Thank you for teaching us Superbrain Yoga this year. I enjoyed learning it because it helps me stay calm. It helps me on tests because I stay awake much longer."

~Gerard, 4th Grade