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Pink Pepper Essential Oil – Healing support for the Whole Body

Though Pink Pepper looks similar to Black Pepper, it’s actually closely related to Cashews.   The use of this oil would benefit individuals seeking support and healing for the Immune System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, normalizing Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels.   One unique healing quality of Pink Pepper, is it’s ability to encourage healthy…

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Calming the Mind with Sandalwood Oil & Meditation

Feng Shui, Space Cleansing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Sandalwood Oil, Meditation

When we first begin a meditation practice, it’s very natural to experience inner chatter.     Temporarily, the mind might seem louder – busier than normal. Regardless, we must keep on with our practice. This is only a temporary state that will eventually pass. It is a result of spiritual energy coming down into our…

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Tips for Healing the Sinuses

  Chronic sinus trouble can be the physical manifestation of prolonged negative emotions in the aura.*   Over time these unhealthy emotions build in the aura until finally they ‘drop down’ to a cellular level and take root in the physical body. When the emotional energy physicalizes in the cells it becomes a coarse dirty…

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