I’m a firm believer that travel is good for the Soul – but sometimes it can be super rough on the body.


Years ago, while still living in Canada…. I noticed that every time our senior Pranic Healing Instructor came through town, she was always radiant, very sharp and seemed to have an abundance of energy.


This had me perplexed. I knew all through the year,  from week-to-week, this lovely 60-something year old woman was teaching classes and retreats in many different countries and time zones. I don’t know about you – but I know how I feel after traveling, and radiant is not the word I would use to describe it.


So finally one day in class I asked her how she was doing it and this is what she shared with me:


  • When flying, cover your seat with a piece of silk. This will protect you against the dirty energy remaining on the seat from the person before you. Think of all the people who have sat in that seat. Every person who sits there leaves behind an energetic residue of negative thoughts, emotions and other dirty energies. The silk will protect you from that dirty energy. On my travels I bring a big silk scarf with me, I casually toss it over the seat like it’s no big thing and then sit down. She also suggested that if you can’t cover the whole seat, then at least try to cover the head rest.


  • When you get to your destination energetically clean up your room. If you own the OM cd you can quietly play it for a few hours and it will automatically clean the room and raise the vibration of the space. If you like you can leave this playing overnight and all through the day.  If this is not available to you, you can light some purifying incense.


  • At night sleep in a silk sleeping bag liner. This will energetically protect you from any dirty energy in the bed and in the pillow. Let me tell you – mattresses are energetically disgusting. If you’re a Pranic Healer and you run your hands through the energy you’ll notice it’s very heavy and very disgusting. This is because during the night, while our body is sleeping, it’s also healing and rejuvenating itself. As a result our energy body releases a lot of dirty energy to assist that process. Our mattresses tend to absorb that dirty energy. People who cry in bed or are depressed tend to have very dirty mattresses and they should be cleaned as part of of your healing process. Talk to your local Pranic Healer for more info.  Back to the silk – once again it is protective and will insulate or shield you from that dirty energy. But one thing to know… WE ALL release dirty energy when we sleep, so eventually that silk sleeping liner is going to get gross with your own stuff and you will have to rinse it out. Do this by soaking it in salt water, rinse it with normal water than hang to dry.


  • Going the extra mile….. doing the cord-cutting technique when you arrive and having regular salt baths through your trip will help you out tremendously. (Salt Bath: 2 cups- 2 pounds salt in water, soak for 20 minutes, rinse off, voila!)



I’m sure my teacher had other tricks up her sleeve but these were the ones she shared with me. I’ve used them over and over again through the years. The first time I tried these suggestions was on a trip to Germany. I was completely shocked to discover I never had any jet lag there or back! I felt GREAT the whole time. Unlike the time I went to France a few years earlier and slept a solid 48 hours upon arriving.


Safe travels to all of you! Lots of blessings to all of your adventures.



Photo Credit: Yours truly! View of LA on Winter Solstice, 2016.