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With so many devastating things going on in the world it can feel like it’s coming at us from all sides. And you know what? It is.


But here’s the thing, every once in awhile we need to unplug. Trying to strike a balance between being aware of current events and maintaining our own sanity is an art form.


Mainstream media does a good job at feeding the fear, anger, and hatred inside of ourselves. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with in the last year, who have shared that they’re that much angrier after watching the news, or worried, scared, or are experiencing greater chaos in their day-to-day. The news can be addicting, but if that’s the case, then we’re addicted to something that is so terribly unhealthy for us and I suspect traumatizing us day in and day out. Like a bad abusive relationship.


To be regularly (or for some, obsessively) engaged with the news is too hard on our mind and it’s way too hard on our hearts. Not to mention it comes at us from everywhere. Social Media, TV, the Radio, our conversations with friends.


Try to find a way to protect your space from the constant bombardment. There’s nothing wrong with being engaged to a certain point, there’s a lot of very important global conversations going on right now (#MeToo) but if you’re at a point where it’s affecting you on a psychological or physical level then it’s time to take a break. Give that gift to yourself. Even consider it an experiment. Take time away from it and see how you feel, or maybe change the source of which you’re receiving the news.


For me, I’m an extremely visual person. Watching the news was a horrifying experience and I decided it was time to cut the visual feed out. So I turned to radio. I found a trusted station I enjoy and I tune in once in awhile to catch up on current events. By isolating my senses, I found I was able to hear what was going on without spinning out like I would if I was watching the news. Every one is different, so find what works for you, and practice moderation.



Remember if you don’t protect your psychic space, no one else will.


Let us give more time to allowing the mind to idle while enjoying a beautiful day. That in of itself is so important to our wellbeing and health.



Lots of blessings to all of you,






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  1. Eryn Lummerding on October 23, 2017 at 4:45 PM

    Hi Eryn,

    Thank you for being a strong, quiet voice of reason in a time where there is so much shouting.

    I just got back from a month in England and Europe. With the exception of England, which is still jittery over the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote, the difference between being in a major city there and being in one here, is as profound as the difference between being in a major city and being somewhere far out in nature. The sense of relaxation and peace I experienced stood in such stark contrast to enormous volume of anger and angst that is being created and broadcast in my home country. We are being poisoned on a constant basis by our own fear and misunderstandings, and as you point out it demands a personal effort on our part to protect ourselves from that which is coming from the outside, and to work to clear out the toxins from this kind of rhetoric that are invading our inner life.

    On the level of the psyche one thing that has helped for me is to hold a hard line in terms of the topics that I will allow myself to be involved in. We have a health care system that is in danger of imploding, we are nineteen trillion dollars in debt, and we are potentially on the brink of a nuclear war. These, needless to say, are issues that as citizens of the United States and the World we simply cannot ignore. However, endlessly analyzing and debating what the President or others say or mean in a speech or a Tweet about the NFL player’s choice to stand or not for the singing of the National Anthem, or any other of the myriad transitory issues that pass across the newswire, is both useless politically, and exhausting psychologically. To that end I have made the decision to not involve myself in any discussion that could not lead to legislation or political action that might affect myself, my loved ones, and my fellow citizens. And I have also committed to remembering, no matter what my personal viewpoint and feelings are about an issue, that everyone involved in the back-and-forth dialogue is also a citizen, and that is my duty to listen to and try to understand their position. This allows me to detach from my own ego-driven position, which at the very least prevents me from poisoning myself.

    Of course, ultimately, as you point out it is only by becoming the observer that we can fully protect ourselves, which allows us to watch the negativity, and not be in the negativity. It is at times like these that I am particularly grateful for my meditation and mindfulness techniques, and clinicians like yourself, that I have in my life to shield me and heal me in these often dark times.

    I wish you and all of us much light and love.


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